Presentation Pieces

Presentation or “installation” pieces are quite a challenge.  They take enormous work and preparation.

Faces in the Crowd were sculpted in Papier Mache and painted in acrylic then framed.   24 Faces I’m Sure you have seen at one time or another.  These were done for a large gallery show.

Friends was inspired by an old college year book and these are all graphite, matted and framed under glass.  24 old friends.

Native Alabama Masks were created for another show and are sculpted and formed metal (steel) and embellished with beads, wire, wood, and other “found” materials.

Native Alabama Masks are available only as a set ($1,000).

Friends are available individually for $200 each.

Faces in the Crowd are available in (groups of 3)  for $250

friends groupfaces groupnative Alabama Masks